September 2019

Blockchain: The next frontier for green energy

The Colonial@Scotts

31 Scotts Road, Singapore 228225


In support of SDG

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About this Event

Electricity is the lifeblood of society and the modern economy. But the energy industry is now undergoing dramatic transformation, driven by regulatory standards, climate change and surging demand for renewable energy.

Amid this landscape, one rapidly emerging technology could help energy players overcome barriers to transformation. The most widely known and least understood technology of the 4th industrial revolution, blockchain is gaining traction as an effective tool for reinventing how electricity is generated, distributed and sold. Applicable to areas from grid management to financing, blockchain promises to digitise and democratise renewable energy to accelerate global impact.

Asia is now becoming a global hotspot for blockchain energy solutions. Utilities have launched pilot projects, energy markets are opening up across the region, and the blockchain start-up scene is expanding at breakneck speed, creating fertile ground for companies to shake up its business model and stay ahead of the energy transition.  

What are the opportunities blockchain technology is unlocking for companies in the energy ecosystem? Is blockchain too early stage? What are the barriers to scaling blockchain-based solutions in industry? What are the success stories in blockchain and energy?

Join us at Blockchain: The next frontier for green energy to hear the region’s foremost experts in blockchain and clean energy discuss the answers to these critical questions and more on 18 September 2019. Organised by EB Impact, the sister non-profit of Eco-Business, expect a stellar line-up of speakers from the blockchain and energy world including Assaad Razzouk, Group CEO of Sindicatum Renewable Resources.  

About The Reneum Institute

Headquartered in Singapore, The Reneum Institute is a not-for-profit company aiming to attract global climate capital for new renewable energy developments. Reneum aims to increase the action of non-state actors by mobilizing corporate demand and opening up market segments that are currently not supported by domestic Environmental Attribute Certificate (EAC) systems.

Reneum’s digital EAC platform leverages the decentralized ledger technology of the blockchain to facilitate EAC certification, issuance, and transactions. Reneum issues tokens for every MWh of green power generated to clean energy producers free-of-charge, a reliable revenue stream that enables project bankability. By verifying and recording electricity generation data gathered directly from smart meters of renewable energy projects, Reneum ensures the provenance of the energy is validated before it enters the market. Reneum tokens may then be purchased by a corporate buyer, and retired from circulation directly in the platform to ensure tracking compliance. By serving as a digital marketplace, Reneum unlocks a global market to support the sustainability targets of companies, governments and not-for-profits organisation worldwide.

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