June 2020

Ricoh Eco Action Day 2020 Panel: The race to net zero

Virtual Dialogue


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About this Event

Amid this Covid-19 crisis, climate change is in danger of being pushed off the priority lists of governments and corporations around the world.

But the pandemic is deeply rooted in the climate challenge, and one question that organisations should be asking themselves is: How can we rapidly decarbonise in a post-Covid world?

As consumer awareness on the climate crisis grows and governments adopt more stringent emissions regulations, decarbonisation is fast becoming a prerequisite for business success.

Like other nations, Singapore has recently stepped up climate action and declared plans to phase out internal combustion engine vehicles within two decades and halve absolute emissions by 2050, with a view to become net zero as soon as viable in the latter half of the century.

Companies will need to play their part to help the city-state, and other countries they operate in, to shrink their carbon footprint climate impacts, or confront the risks from inaction.

Reputational damage, financial vulnerability, and a lack of access to capital are the likely repercussions for firms that fail to respond to the climate crisis this decade, new research shows.

However, this road is fraught with challenges. Companies seeking to cut emissions often face persistent obstacles – from regulatory playing fields to operational inertia. How can companies respond?

On 2 June, industry players, government representatives, energy providers and sustainability experts will come together for the virtual conference, The Race to Net Zero, to discuss the challenges and opportunities in corporate decarbonisation.

This virtual dialogue is invite only. Tickets are limited, please write in to events@eco-business.com with your name, job title, organisation and email address.

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