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Steve Melhuish

Entrepreneur & Impact Investor, Planet Rise

Steve is an entrepreneur with 28 years building businesses (most recently PropertyGuru, a profitable tech unicorn), angel advisor/investor (20+ startups) and VC partner. In 2019, Steve started Planet Rise to make the world a better place by providing financial support and advisory services to organisations tackling Climate Change and Poverty. Steve is also part time Venture Partner/LP at Wavemaker Partners, board directors of 3 companies and advisor to Young Founder School (YFS) and Impact Investment Exchange (IIX). Previously Steve was CEO/investor of ComiAsia (Asian mobile content start-up), founder and CEO of Business2Profit (corporate and start-up venture builder) and held global leadership roles in the mobile, internet and telco industry.

He’s an active member of Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) and Toniic (impact investment), EO (global Entrepreneur Organization EO) and AngelCentral (startup investment). He’s a keynote speaker and regularly interviewed by the media.

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