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Scott Gillett

Senior Alliance Director, AWS Industry Products

As the Alliance Director for the Vector – AWS Strategic Alliance announced in July 202 to develop the New Energy Platform, Scott runs the AWS co-development teams defining and building new AWS energy technologies with Vector (https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/industries/vector-and-aws-join-forces-to-accelerate-the-future-of-energy/). The strategic alliance seeks to accelerate the development of new cloud native technologies to address challenges in the energy sector; the rise in renewable energy sources, growth in electric vehicles, and higher consumer expectations for lower prices and sustainable energy sources require the energy industry to transform and harness the power of data to make smarter customer-centric decisions

Scott has a background in complex software development and transformational delivery, having worked across core industry technology development in telecommunications, financial services and energy. Scott has managed the AWS relationship with Vector since 2016, which has pioneered programmes including cloud native end customer outage management technology, DERMS technology deployed in Cloud, IT to OT integration deployments, deployment of SCADA energy grid technologies on Cloud, and the development of cloud native smart meter platforms.

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