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Ng Pei Kang


Pei Kang is the chief executive of TRIA, a Singapore-based firm that offers a range of sustainable and closed-loop packaging solutions. With major cities in the region now “declaring war” on single-use plastics, emerging regulations are posing a huge challenge for industry food and beverage brands, and TRIA works with these clients, applying research and development methods and innovation to come up with scalable solutions for reducing single-use packaging. Its clients include fast food giants KFC and 4FINGERS.

Utilising technologies in material, recycling and valorisation, TRIA has developed an end-to-end system which starts from the supply of bio-based packaging, to the collect back of its waste for organic recycling, turning waste into farm-ready fertilisers for crop growth. This allows fast-food restaurants to close the loop on their single-use packaging and opens up new possibilities for building a circular food system.

Pei Kang has a background in research & development, innovation and technology management. He was the former design innovation lead for the global portfolio of Philips TV and Home Theatre System, where he directed R&D activities across Philips Netherlands, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

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