March 2021

Satellite Imagery for precision agriculture: Solutions to accelerate profitability and sustainability


10:00am SGT / 7:30am IST / 1:00pm AEDT


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About this Event

The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed nearly 2 billion people in Asia and the Pacific to further malnutrition.

According to a new UN report, the pandemic’s economic impact and the high prices of nutritious food, among them, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, have made it nearly impossible for the region’s poor people to achieve healthy diets.

Yet, a bigger crisis brought on by climate change is presenting physical risks for agriculture, threatening to disrupt business productivity and profitability and food security.

How can precision technology help build an agricultural sector that is resilient to various shocks? Has the age for intelligent agriculture come? What role does technology play in balancing profitability and sustainability in agriculture?

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