January 2021

Leaders or Laggards? Corporate leadership in low-carbon post-pandemic recovery



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About this Event

Government and business leaders the world over have been rightly focused on responding to the unprecedented health challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, and this crisis has also accelerated efforts to decarbonise economic recovery.

Lower levels of emissions during the crisis not only directly result from forced lockdowns which halted non-essential travel, but also reflected the impacts of more corporations shifting to clean energy, increasing energy efficiency, and digitalisation – pre-requisites to decarbonisation.

Is the Philippine economy ready to change course towards decarbonisation? Who are considered decarbonisation leaders among the Philippines’ corporations? What can be done to accelerate a low-carbon post pandemic recovery in a country that continues to have a huge appetite for unsustainable energy sources?

On 27January 2021 at 4:00 PM Manila time, The British Embassy Manila in partnership with Eco-Business will host Leaders or Laggards? Corporate leadership inlow-carbon post-pandemic recovery, a high-level virtual event that seeks to constructively engage with corporate and policy leaders in the Philippines towards decarbonising economic activity in post-pandemic recovery scenarios.

The event will also highlight Race to Zero, the world’s largest coalition to committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

This is a by-invitation only event. Should you wish to participate, please contact:

Ping Manongdo, Partnerships Manager, Southeast Asia; Country Manager, Philippines - Ping.manongdo@eco-business.com

Rexor Amancio, Climate Change and Environment Officer, British Embassy Manila - Rexor.amancio@fcdo.gov.uk

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