August 2020

Climate action: Emerging stronger from a crisis

Virtual Dialogue


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About this Event


The world is set for an economic downturn as it recovers from the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and Singapore will not be spared. The country suffered its deepest economic slump on record in the second quarter, prompting the Government to trim its growth outlook for the year, warning that the economy is expected to shrink between 5 to 7 per cent this year.

With the pandemic still raging, the road to recovery is likely to be long. But we cannot afford to lose sight of longer-term priorities—the harnessing of new technologies, ensuring public health, getting workers prepared for future opportunities, and dealing with a much bigger challenge than Covid-19: Climate change.

How can Singapore emerge stronger from this crisis? How can the government, business and society work together to address short term needs as well as the long-term resilience of our nation? 

As Singapore hosts its annual Climate Action Week, Eco-Business and Sembcorp Industries will be convening leading minds for an hour-long dialogue to discuss the way forward and actions we can all take on climate action and sustainable development.





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