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Tantyo Bangum

Chief Executive Officer, Kecipir

Tantyo Bangun is the Chief Executive Officer of Kecipir, a farm-to-fork web and app-based venture established in Jakarta. Founded in 2015, Kecipir's vision is to shorten the distribution link between organic farmers and buyers through a completely waste-free and circular logistics system.  

Prior to founding Kecipir, Tantyo was a journalist with experience in documenting agricultural NGOs based across Belgium and Indonesia and also served as National Geographic Magazine Indonesia’s first editor-in-chief. He made the leap from journalism to agriculture when his wife was transferred to a position in Brussels.  

During his time in Belgium, he became involved with local organic farmers and assisted by documenting and shooting their works as well as those of agricultural NGOs.  

With his newfound experience in Belgium, Tantyo combined his past knowledge gathered through assignments with Indonesian farmers in Indonesia to improve the circumstances of the local organic farmers in leading to the inception of Kecipir.

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