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Ronie Mak

Managing Director, RS Group

Ronie leads and manages the strategy, operations and development of RS Group’s activities in HK and globally. RS Group is a mid-sized HK-based family office committed to creating a paradigm shift in people’s values and priorities so that economic growth will support, instead of jeopardize, human development and environmental sustainability.  She led the launch of the RS Group Impact Report in 2016 and the incubation of the Sustainable Finance Initiative (SFi) in 2018, a private investor community platform that aims to drive demand and promote sustainable finance in HK.  Ronie is an Advisor to SFi.

Currently, she is driving the “Natural Capital Initiative”, aimed at deploying catalytic capital to support innovative investment solutions that can protect and enhance natural capital in Asia. Projects under this initiative include a US$3 million blended finance funding window, as well as the development of a “NatureVenture Builder” for Asia. The latter is aimed at supporting nature-based businesses and investment models by providing funding and hands-on venture support to entrepreneurs in Asia, until they reach a stage of attracting institutional capital. Ronie is a firm believer that one should, and can, “invest in the future one wants to create”.

Ronie has over 15 years of banking & finance experience. Prior to joining RS Group in 2014, she spent a total of 12 years at HSBC across various roles (CEO office, Strategy, Investment Banking). During this period, she also acted as the Secretary of the Hong Kong Association of Banks in 2012. Ronie was born in Hong Kong and graduated from the University of New South Wales in Sydney with merit and a double degree in finance and marketing, Bachelor of Commerce.

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