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Martine van Weelden

TEEBAgriFood Senior Manager, Capitals Coalition

Martine van Weelden is the TEEBAgriFood Senior Manager at the Capitals Coalition, responsible for the successful application of capitals thinking in the business sector within the scope of the TEEBAgriFood project. She oversees and is responsible for the successful delivery of the project that runs in seven EU-partner countries: Brazil, Mexico, India, Indonesia, China, Thailand and Malaysia.
Martine has over 15years of experience in the field of sustainability, ecosystem services and natural capital. Prior to her appointment at the Capitals Coalition, Martine worked for the Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP). She still chairs the ESP Sectoral Working Group ES in Business and is an ambassador for the foundation Work with Nature.

Her background is in cultural anthropology and she mastered in organisational anthropology in 2006, linking sustainable practices with culture. Ever since, in her professional career she aimed to promote more sustainable culture both in business practice and in society.

She is passionate about building cross-cultural and -sectoral partnerships to support societal transformation that includes the value provided by natural, social and human capital.

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