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Marialine Verdickt

Founder, CircleWerkz & Circular Economy Club Country Organiser for Singapore

Marialine is the founder of CircleWerkz, an embryonic online solutions platform for “Circular Living” based on the core belief that we all have the power to change the world with every act we perform and with every purchase we make.

Marialine, an economist by training, has a background in multinationals and has held various senior marketing, sales and management consulting roles in multiple locations around the world for top tier multinationals like L’Oreal, The Coca-Cola Company and The Boston Consulting Group.

Apart from building her business, she is also the founder of the Singapore Chapter of the Circular Economy Club, a global network of circular economy professionals, who are trying to accelerate the world-wide adoption of the circular economic model.

She is also a certified permaculturalist and has been very involved in sustainability since 2012. She co-founded Foodmatters In Singapore,  a workshop series for parents covering the impact of our food choices on the environment and our health. She set up the first farmer’s market in the community where she lives, whilst heading up their Sustainability Squad.

She sits on the board of a local school wanting to build out its sustainability curriculum.

Other than that, she is generally happiest with the simple things in life, like capturing a macro shot of an ordinary flower, harvesting organic veggies in her experimental garden or being a lifelong learner. She  is currently enrolled in 2 major programmes, the first one being a Permaculture course with Geoff Lawton, who was a student of Bill Mollison, widely considered the father of permaculture and the second one on “Understanding Soil” with the Soil Food Web, founded by Dr Elaine Ingham, a pre-eminent microbiologist.  

She loves to travel with a purpose, immerse herself in the wisdom of the ancient Sanskrit scriptures or work in Nature.

You can find her full professional profile on LinkedIn.

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