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Khong Weng Fook

Managing Director, Canopy Sands Development

Weng Fook is an accomplished professional with a 25-year track record in strategic business development. Formerly with Surbana Jurong and JTC Corp, Weng Fook has managed experienced design and construction management teams in Singapore, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Cambodia. Leading more than 100 individuals in cross-functional and multi-disciplinary teams, he has delivered more than 360 projects across 60 cities in China as part of the Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) Development, one of the top-ranked industrial park city projects that tops developmental indices. During his incumbency with the SIP, Weng Fook has facilitated collaboration between Chinese and foreign clients, focusing on providing long-term value for investors. Weng Fook is a member of the Institute of Engineers (IES).

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