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Jeryl Yep

Founder, Product Innovation Lead, Semula Pte Ltd

When Jeryl was in primary school, his teacher told the class that we needed to save electricity because Singapore was running out of electricity. He thought that was not a good solution as we would eventually still run out of electricity, that the better way was to find an alternative source of energy that was more renewable. And so began his journey to learn more about the environment, global warming and burning of fossil fuel, always with the aim of finding better solutions to environmental issues.

The trained chemical engineer has held various environment related positions. His stint as an environmental engineer at a local environmental NGO where he was responsible for certifications, product development and training and development made him all the more determined to help businesses and organisations achieve their sustainability goals.

In 2021 he returned to his alma mater, the Singapore Institute of Technology, to take on the position of Centre Manager for Energy Efficiency Technology Centre. Later, with a few good friends, Jeryl co-founded Semula. He is now living his dream and hopes to co-create an eco-system of like-minded businesses, organisations and individuals who believe in making an impact on the environment, for the present and future generations.

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