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Gillian Parker

Deputy Editor, Eco-Business

Gillian is the Assistant Editor of Eco-Business, where she reports on sustainable development in Asia Pacific and assists with editorial projects. She is an experienced multimedia journalist and business consultant with a background in emerging markets. She has worked at some of the world’s most trusted media organisations including The Economist, The Economist Intelligence Unit, Time and Voice of America. Gillian has also provided consulting services to companies and clients looking to improve their resilience against risk and their understanding of emerging markets. After a decade reporting from West and Southern Africa, Gillian relocated to Singapore in 2019.

Gillian has a background in political science and achieved a distinction in a MSc at SOAS, University in London. She is interested in the impact of rapid urbanisation, sustainable farming practices and the management of natural resources.

She takes to the roads on her bike very early morning most weekends, spending the rest of her time with her family at the beach or the playground.

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