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Dave Chen

CEO and Chairman, Equilibrium

Dave is the CEO and Chairman of Equilibrium, leading the firm’s growth, overseeing its strategy, and heading its investment product development. In addition, he serves on Equilibrium’s Board of Directors.

Dave is also the firm’s founder, a move emanating from his longstanding interest in and commitment to sustainability and capital markets. His focus on sustainability intensified while he worked in the venture capital sector, leading initiatives in regional economic development and participating in climate change policy development. In 2007, he saw the growing interest in sustainability re-shaping the basic economic sectors of the “Maslow hierarchy of needs” and creating economic advantage. Climate change was driving a rethinking of asset risk and value.

In 2008, Equilibrium was formed with the goal of being a global leader in sustainability-driven asset management for institutional investors, delivering sustainable alpha returns and creating intentional positive impact on society and the environment.

Before establishing Equilibrium, Dave was a general partner with OVP Venture Partners from 2000-2007. There, his investments included Intelligent Results (acquired by First Data), Net6 (acquired by Citrix), @mobile (acquired by Software.com), and @once (acquired by InfoUSA). Prior to joining OVP, Dave was founder and CEO of GeoTrust (acquired by VeriSign 2006); founder of The Ascent Group, a global strategy consultancy firm; Vice President Marketing at Mentor Graphics; associate at McKinsey & Company; and an early team member Solectron (1978-1985).

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