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Brianna Lee Welsh

Co-Founder & CEO of Reneum

Brianna is the Co-Founder and CEO of Reneum Institute, a blockchain-based marketplace to fund climate solutions.

Prior to launching Reneum, she led M&A and environmental markets trading in APAC for one of Reneum's largest backers, Sindicatum Renewable Energy. Previous to Sindicatum, Brianna worked in New York and London in private equity advisory in emerging markets and restructuring and turnaround. She also advised the UNDP in their Southeast Asian deep tech think-tank, identifying blueprints and scalable technologies to export in emerging markets in the region. She is a partner in several initiatives endeavouring for a positive crypto future including: Blockchain for Social Impact, Crypto Climate Accord and Blockchain for Climate Impact.

Brianna holds an undergrad in behavioural economics from McGill University and a graduate in social entrepreneurship from Oxford University, is an explorer, bio-hacker and extreme sports enthusiast.

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