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Adrienna Zsakay

Chief Executive Officer, Circular Economy Asia

Circular Asia Association (CAA), a Malaysian registered NGO, was founded by Ms Adrienna Zsakay in 2016. Her journey began when she became interested in infrastructure design for recyclable resource recovery collection systems. From there, it was an easy transition to the circular economy and the founding of Circular Economy Asia (legally registered as Circular Asia Association).

In early 2020 Ms Zsakay launched Circular Skills, an online education platform dedicated to skills development for the circular economy. CAA’s other activities include Resource Recovery (Waste-as-a-Resource) and developing circular and sustainable supply chains. Ms Zsakay has lived in several different countries across the Asian region and has a BA(Asian Studies & Politics) from the University of Western Australia and studied International and Asian food law at Michigan State University.  She recently completed an online course on Systems Engineering from the University of NSW in Australia.

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