Partner Profile

HFCAS has its roots as a community started in 2007 with support from the Economic Development Board (EDB) – part of the Singapore Government. It aims then was to foster a culture of innovation and enterprise development through partnerships in a community-based system for collaboration and support between members across the developmental value chain for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell users and providers. The community started with 40 different organisations which included government agencies, academia and industry players. However, interest died down over the years and the community became inactive.

In 2015, some of the members revived the community amid renewed interest in the Hydrogen Economy and the community attracted new and old members back again. Under the efforts of our current President, Mr Noel Chin, membership in the community grew to over 200 members in 2019.

Besides being a networking platform for the industry, academia and governmental agencies to network, the community also expanded to include organisation of site visits and study missions locally and aboard for members to learn and expand their knowledge as well as to help bring back best practices for the industry in Singapore.

At the end of 2019, it was decided to formalise the Singapore Fuel Cell Community to provide a united voice of the industry with credibility when dealing with government agencies, other associations and companies. It also signals our intention to support the push for hydrogen and fuel cell development and deployment in Singapore.

The formation of the Association also comes at a time when Singapore is planning for her future plans with regards to climate change. The Association with all its members are helping to educate and promote the use of hydrogen and fuel cells in the Singapore context to help Singapore decarbonize and move towards a greener energy mix for power generation, mobility and industrial applications.