July 2024

Wasted: Malaysia film premiere

Aurum Theatre, The Exchange TRX | Kuala Lumpur



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About this Event

Humanity has created an unprecedented volume of trash in the era of the Anthropocene. Why are we wasting opportunities to solve our waste issues, and what can be done to turn waste pollution into solutions?

Eco-Business, CEO Action Network and PPB are excited to invite you to Malaysia’s first screening of Wasted, Eco-Business’ latest impact documentary on reality of our planet’s mounting waste problem.

Happening on 22nd July at Aurum Theatre, The Exchange TRX, the film was first launched in Singapore and Dubai in the run up to the United Nations climate change COP28 meeting in December, to overwhelming interest and reception.

Wasted highlights the connections between waste and human health, and its intersection with the climate crisis. It is a visual exploration across Asia, from landfills to recycling plants, cinematic aerials to intimate portraits.

Featuring a diverse cast across the region, the film inspires action across business, policy and individual action to clean up our communities, cities and natural habitats and create healthy, thriving economies.

The screening will be followed by a panel discussion featuring industry experts, policymakers and community leaders with a stake in Malaysia’s waste management systems. It will focus on existing gaps, possible solutions and the immediate actions we can take to create a cleaner future. Find out more about our Wasted journey, which opens our eyes to the simple truth hidden in plain sight: What we throw away, doesn’t go away.

We look forward to seeing you at the event!


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