August 2022

Unlocking Greater Sustainability Reporting Assurance


1200hrs - 1300hrs SGT (GMT +8)


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About this Event

A company’s ability to produce sustainability reports is part of the G in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) assessments. Sustainability reports are regulated by international organisations – these reports must follow guidelines prescribed by a government or stock exchange to be considered credible or to attract more investment.It is therefore essential that a company’s sustainability report meets required standards, as markets are increasingly regulating and demanding sustainability governance from companies.

Sustainability reports summarise the qualitative and quantitative benefits of a company’s ESG activities, so that investors can screen investments, align investments to their values, and avoid companies with the risk of environmental damage, social missteps, or corruption.Sustainability report assurance has great potential to mitigate greenwashing, make ESG-linked remuneration models feasible, and to draw and properly allocate greater flows of green finance. This can also build greater trust between companies and stakeholders.However, many companies are struggling with how to measure and report on their ESG performance.

How can companies unlock the full potential of reporting assurance while managing the cost of driving such compliance processes and effectively navigating legal risks? How can consumers and regulatory environments leverage on reporting assurance to reach sustainability goals and satisfy their demand for a greener economy?

Join us for this edition of our EB conversations series, powered by SGS Singapore, where we will host a sharing by experts and practitioners on the current state of play when it comes to sustainability reporting assurance, and how companies, consumers and countries can leverage on this to accelerate sustainability efforts.

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