September 2022

Through the lens of impact and return: Investing in Asia

The Drawing Room, Raffles Arcade | 02-20, Raffles Hotel Arcade, Singapore 188719

1800hrs - 2000hrs SGT (GMT +8)


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About this Event

Home to the world's fastest growing economies, Asia is a region with a young and thriving population with significant developmental needs. Many believe the region is the perfect destination for impact investing – where investments are made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

Despite progress made in recent years, however, the concept is still far from reaching the mainstream, with many investors unconvinced about its returns. In reality, impact investing has been proven to be an effective way to generate steady returns while solving a wide range of society’s pressing problems and engendering societal stability and protection of vital ecosystems in the long run.

Furthermore, there is a missing common language to define impact, limited regulatory support and a fragmented entrepreneurship landscape. Family offices are still unfamiliar with the concept, preferring to invest in more traditional asset classes.

What needs to be done to dispel myths regarding impact investing in this region? Join us for this exclusive fireside chat which will provide an overview on how to invest in Asia through the lens of impact and return.

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