September 2021

The Board perspective: ESG and climate-related risks and opportunities

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1500hrs - 1700hrs (SGT)


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Boardrooms are increasingly under pressure to become climate and ESG competent. The dearth of ESG and climate expertise among directors are posing challenges to good decision making at board level. Legal opinions published in the region such as Australia and Singapore have warned that company directors are expected to factor the risks associated with climate change in their business activities and decisions — or may face legal action if they fail to do so. With the rise of shareholder activism, will ExxonMobil boardroom shake-ups become more common? How can directors respond to rising expectations by its shareholders?

In partnership with the Singapore Institute of Directors, Unlocking capital for sustainability will convene key leaders to discuss how board responsibilities will change as corporates step-up their ESG efforts.

Interested parties should write in to events@eco-business.com.

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