June 2022

Powering Singapore’s green digital transformation with data centres of the future

Closed-door Event

1400hrs - 1700hrs SGT (GMT +8)


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About this Event

COVID-19 has underscored the importance of building resilience in our systems. Climate change is widely touted as the next big crisis, which is unfolding as we speak. To futureproof our country from climate-related risk ahead, we urgently need businesses and governments to work closely.

The shift to remote modes of business is a critical touchpoint to consider in this vein as energy-intensive data centres form the digital backbone of this new reality.  

With remote work and consumption becoming widespread in the wake of COVID-19, more essential activities have shifted online. This has propelled the growth of cloud computing and increased the volume of data, which needs to be interconnected with other data sources.

At the intersection of a rapidly digitising new normal and a growing climate crisis, the carbon impact of the world's IT infrastructure has come under greater scrutiny with renewed focus on how data centres can innovate to become more sustainable. Data centres in Singapore, a global hub for the industry, currently use 7% of Singapore’s electricity.  

While Singapore has since lifted its moratorium on data centre development in light of this, there is now a greater expectation for the industry to hit stricter ESG targets while meeting the increasing round-the-clock demand for essential data storage and processing. ​How might data centre industry players support emerging digital infrastructure needs while improving data centre sustainability?  

On 23rd June 2022, Equinix will convene a closed-door event on how data centres of the future have a significant role in the sustainable development of the digital economy. This event will discuss the challenges, opportunities and solutions as the industry balances bullish digital transformation and growth with strategic sustainability goals. Inviting public and private stakeholders, the discussion will cover areas such as decarbonisation throughout the data value chain, and how sustainable digital infrastructure and ecosystems power Singapore’s Smart Nation ambitions and 2030 Green Plan.

This event is by invitation only, interested parties may write in to meaghan.see@eco-business.com.

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