January 2023

Green Jobs Platform: Launch Event

NUS Central Library, 12 Kent Ridge Cres, Singapore 119275

16:30hrs – 18:00hrs SGT (GMT +8)


In support of SDG

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About this Event

According to LinkedIn’s Global Green Report, in 2021, less than 1% of hiring involved green jobs. But projects show that in five years’ time, the demand for green skills and the growing number of green jobs will outweigh the supply, meaning that there is an urgent need to level up the green skills of our workforce.

The Green Jobs Platform, an initiative by Climate Action Singapore Alliance (CASA), serves as a space for resource and knowledge sharing, collaboration, and community engagement to build a network of interested individuals, experts, employers, and future workers in green jobs and green skills. The Green Jobs project aims to create greater awareness for green jobs and to highlight critical sectors involved in sustainability-related work.

Join us on January 25th, 2023 to officially launch the Green Jobs platform! At this community-focused event, we’ll learn more about the opportunities for green jobs, and the need for green skilling and foster the spirit of collaboration and knowledge sharing with the launch of the Green Jobs platform. Learn more about how to join this community and how the platform can help you as you embark into the Green Jobs space!





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