August 2022

Driving Sustainable Growth: A Senior Leadership Conversation



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About this Event

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles are closely aligned with the UN SDGs. There is a growing incorporation of ESG into investment analysis, corporate strategy, reporting and decision-making amid widespread socio-economic challenges and renewed environmental commitments on the global stage. With increasing pressure for those with global partnerships and markets not to be the weak ethical and environmental link, companies are increasingly prioritising initiatives to help contribute to a more sustainable world, build customer and stakeholder trust, and drive a successful business. ESG risk analysis and mitigation can provide a buffer against external headwinds, including market volatility, and protect long-term financial performance.

However, today’s ESG efforts are often ad hoc, disconnected and manual, with mixed ESG governance structures. Many of the technology solutions in the market for ESG management further exacerbate this issue by supporting ESG goals in siloes. This issue represents a critical lever to address in order for global economies to match the rapidly evolving ESG regulatory landscapes: more than 170 ESG proposed regulatory measures have emerged since 2018, and 82 percent of investors believe companies are not prepared to comply with ESG reporting regulations. To scale sustainable growth, companies must be able to bridge ESG products and efforts with their current operational systems that are also growing in tandem.

This is compounded by a gap in understanding and harnessing the full range of best practices and solutions currently being applied across regions, sectors and industries. Companies can accelerate sustainable growth by increasing knowledge exchange on how to build and maintain a company’s ESG roadmap. Such a roadmap includes strategy, planning, and budgeting tools plus ongoing tracking of costs, resources, risks, and results. Companies that successfully plan, execute and manage such roadmaps gain increased visibility into their ESG investments and improve the scale and impact of their ESG efforts.

How might senior corporate leaders work together to overcome cross-functional ESG challenges? What are the best practices of corporate governance and leadership in dealing with the complexities of driving sustainable growth? How might challenges and solutions differ across regions, sectors, and industries?

Eco-Business, along with leading digital workflow software provider ServiceNow, is proud to invite you to join us for a Senior Leaders Roundtable titled “Driving Sustainable Growth”. We are excited to provide a platform to share your perspectives on the challenges faced by companies in creating and managing structures for corporate sustainability performance, and explore the best operations and enterprise tools that can help industries unlock sustainable financing, branding, and talent without compromising on business bottom lines.

This event will discuss how senior leaders in finance, HR, and operations can operationally drive effective ESG management by discussing best-in-class approaches and technologies for overcoming barriers to a successful ESG roadmap and driving sustainable growth for the short-term and long-term.

Interested parties may write in to nicholas.loh@eco-business.com.
The event will be closed to the media. 





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