January 2023

Climate Risk & ESG Disclosure: Key developments in 2023 and deep diving into Asia's reporting trends

Hybrid | ESG Impact Hub, Afro Asia, Studio I & II | 63 Robinson Road

0900hrs - 1630hrs SGT (GMT +8)


In support of SDG

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About this Event

Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) issues have risen to the top of the corporate agenda in recent years as a confluence of factors from geopolitical tensions to climate change, supply chain disruption to rising stakeholder expectations dominate board room conversations. With higher regulatory standards issued by stock exchanges and governments worldwide, companies are grappling with a slew of ESG reporting requirements and evolving standards as global bodies seek to harmonise frameworks.

At the same time, there is growing evidence that ESG is intrinsically linked to business performance. Company executives are viewing ESG reporting not as just a box-ticking exercise, but a business strategy to build resilience, create new business growth and bolster greater trust among institutional investors and stakeholders alike.

How can sound ESG disclosure and performance help companies stay on top of key policy, legal and markets transitions? What is the impact of the latest regulations around climate risk?

Eco-Business, Asia Pacific’s leading media and ESG intelligence platform, will deliver a one-day workshop aimed at getting participants up to speed on the latest ESG trends, disclosure frameworks and strategies for integrating ESG into business performance. This training will cover the fundamentals of global ESG frameworks, how companies can stay ahead of the curve, navigate a changing regulatory landscape and avoid potential greenwash.


  • The growth of ESG & climate disclosure, and the quest for harmonization of global sustainability frameworks
  • An overview of Asia’s regulatory, policy and market trends, including an overview on the state of play for sustainable finance in Asia
  • Balancing disclosure against the threats of greenwashing
  • Key developments to watch out for in 2023 and how it will impact your business

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