February 2021

Agriculture's Brave New World: Empowering Asia’s farmers in an era of Climate Change



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About this Event

The evidence of the climate emergency is becoming clearer and the threats to humanity are looming. As developing countries in Asia grapple with the effects of extreme weather patterns, millions of farmers at the front line of global food production are increasingly at risk.

As the main source of income for millions across South and Southeast Asia, ensuring crop protection is vital, not only to the livelihoods of our farmers but for ensuring global food security.

On 4th February, join Eco-Business as we engage our stakeholders in the agribusiness industry to discuss the challenges faced in the field; the bright sparks in technology; and the best available tools today that are helping the very people who are feeding our planet.  

This event is organized in partnership with Syngenta in line with its sustainability commitments detailed under its Good Growth Plan.

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