March 2021

A greener technology footprint: Do consumers have a choice?


4:30pm SGT


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About this Event

Our technological devices and solutions today are smarter, lighter and faster. But are they cleaner?

As consumers become more concerned about climate change, technology companies are also stepping up and committing to reducing the carbon footprint of their products. From sourcing, manufacturing, to customer sale, usage and end of life, the road towards decarbonisation is a complex process that involves not only the organisation, but its entire value chain.

Eco-Business, along with our partner, Lenovo and its alliance partners, Intel and Microsoft - specially invites you to a special dialogue titled “A greener technology footprint: Do consumers have a choice?”

Are technology companies really making progress on the environmental sustainability and life cycle management of their products? What are the solutions that will make clean tech products a reality?  What is the role of the consumer?

Join our virtual event as we engage with speakers from various industries in Singapore as we discuss key aspects where a future of low-carbon options can be possible across digital platforms that are central to our daily lives.





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